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Friday, January 22, 2016

Cornyn: Indict Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton should be indicted for mishandling classified information on a private system, according to Senate Majority Whip John Cornyn, although he doubts the Obama administration will take that step.

"The Attorney General is a political appointee, serves at the pleasure of the president," the Texas Republican, a former state attorney general, told conservative talk radio host Hugh Hewitt. "I find it hard to believe that she would indict Secretary Clinton during this time. But it's clear the FBI views this as a very, very serious matter as they should."

Cornyn asked Attorney General Loretta Lynch to appoint a special counsel to investigate Clinton months ago, after the inspector general for the Intelligence Committee found classified information on Clinton's private server and referred the case to the Justice Department. His latest comments follow a report that the inspector general informed lawmakers that Clinton's server contained information beyond the level of top secret.

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Thornton Crowe said...

Absolutely concur with this completely. Clinton should be held accountable for her malfeasance just like General Petraeus. Her lack of concern and careful handling of the country's security is contemptible and much worse than the General's infractions.

Anonymous said...

BHO can't pardon her until after she is convicted - let them take their time!

Anonymous said...

She is no longer Secretary Clinton. She's ex-Secretary Clinton.

Anonymous said...

We saw 13 Hours last night in the theater. Benghazi was a U.S. government screw-up that left the people on the ground holding the bag. The only picture we saw when it was news was of a crowd at the embassy gates, not the death and destruction that followed. We should be ashamed.

Steve said...

Everyone who can't wants her convicted and in jail, and everyone who can is still "investigating" for 3 years and now more.

Get it?

Two sets of laws.