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Friday, January 22, 2016

Cosby wins in Pennsylvania court

It was a win for Bill Cosby in court on Thursday.

A federal judge in Pennsylvania sided with the disgraced comedian and granted Cosby's motion to dismiss a defamation lawsuit, according to court records.

Renita Hill, one of the more than 50 women who have publicly accused Cosby of assault, filed the civil suit in October alleging that the actor and his lawyer defamed Hill in the media, court records show.

Judge Arthur J. Schwab dismissed the three claims against Cosby, ruling that the statements "do not support a claim for defamation as defined by Pennsylvania law," according to the ruling.



Anonymous said...

He has a good attorney. Since all those women came forward I reluctantly revised my opinion of him to conclude he's a creep, but as his lawyer pointed out, rubbing up against someone or making an inappropriate comment isn't the same as rape. And it is unclear to me that he used drugs to "relax" his um...friends without their consent.
I'm saddened that his legacy has been tarnished because he did as much if not more than anyone to "normalize" the portrayal of blacks on television (and by extension in the movies) without flinching away from America's uncomfortable past. And those who wholeheartedly supported his accomplishments in the past have turned their backs on him now. It's a pity.

Anonymous said...

825 do you think all 50 are lying? Cosby admitted to giving women drugs so he could have consensual sex with them. Do you give drugs to women to have sex with them? Isn't reasonable to believe he had bad intentions?

Anonymous said...

916 I said I had to conclude he is a creep, did you catch that part? Just because he's a creep doesn't mean he raped anyone. And the "all 50" is a mixed bag of complaints from propositioning and rubbing up against to having sex with someone who willing took a drug at his behest in order to "relax." Some took the drugs and/or had sex with him more than once...odd, that.