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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Netanyahu Tells Returning Nepal Rescuers: If Needed We'll Send You Back

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the returning IDF delegation from Nepal on Tuesday, congratulating them on their successes after a 7.8-magnitude earthquake devastated the region on April 25.

"Israel is a small country with a big heart," he began. "UN data shows that we sent the second largest delegation to Nepal, in the number of personnel, of all countries."

"Members of the delegation – we are proud of you!"

"You rescued people from the ruins, treated 1,600 injured and sick people, and brought new life into the world, at least eight births. You showed the true face of the State of Israel – a state that loves life and saves life."

Netanyahu then highlighted the difference between Israel and Iran in addressing the disaster.

"Did anyone see the Iranian delegation in Nepal?" he asked. "The Iranians send delegations to countries in the region and around the world not to save lives, but to sow death, ruin and terror, and this is the difference between enlightened democracies and dark regimes based on fanaticism and terror."

"I am certain that you are already prepared for the next mission wherever you are needed; and according to the news such a mission is already at hand."

"A few minutes ago I told the Nepalese Ambassador that we are prepared to the best of our abilities to help them even now," he noted. "Should it be necessary, you know – and the world is learning – that you can be counted on."



Anonymous said...

He should thank the US.

Anonymous said...

"He should thank the US."

For what? Giving Iran the green light to develop nuclear weaponry? Helping to advance the radical muslim agenda? Helping to topple secular govts in the Middle East? Not really seeing your point.