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Wednesday, December 09, 2015


The faux “liberal” who holds the White House was at it once again last night.

As he’s accustomed to doing, he presented a radically undemocratic and unconstitutional practice as a common sense appeal to the American public to accept gun control. What I am referring to specifically is the following passage from last night’s speech:

To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a no-fly list is able to buy a gun. What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to buy a semi-automatic weapon? This is a matter of national security.

Obama is not stupid. He knows exactly how shady the no fly list is, yet he’s pushing it on national television as a way to enact gun control. The effectiveness of his bullshit depends on an unbelievably ignorant voter base, as well as the cultish, thoughtless devotion from what’s left of his zombified supporters.

To explain what I mean, it’s important to understand what the “no-fly” list actually is. As relates to a lawsuit it filed against the government on behalf of veterans placed on the list without notice, the ACLU notes the following:



Anonymous said...

Did you know there is a "Terrorist Security Administration"? Isn't there another highly-capable gubmint agency with the same initials? I saw something, so I had to say something.

Anonymous said...

We need to get rid of this SOB , he has another year to really screw things up.

Anonymous said...

Slim Shadie at it again!

Anonymous said...

How would I be able to find out if I'm on a "No fly list" without having to buy a plane ticket? That whole idea is so unconstitutional it borders on insanity.

Anonymous said...

Thats when he will cause mass riots.

Anonymous said...

If the "No Fly List"' was properly administered, with specific, meaningful and obvious guidelines for inclusion, and a legitimate and prompt appeal procedure put in place, it's not necessarily a bad thing.

As it stands, an out of control administration can use the list to constrain and harass dissidents and other political enemies, including groups as well as individuals it finds "inconvenient". Much like Obama has used the IRS and DOJ as tools for intimidation, harassment and impoverishment.

Anonymous said...

7:45 - it's easy - just type it in your browser!

Anonymous said...

the so called no fly list is all screwed up anyway. no one can seem to get a handle on this. our government is so corrupt and dysfunctional it's pitiful. we must have a complete change to a conservative, common sense approach in ALL agencies and in ALL spending. SOON

Anonymous said...

I'd like to know which of the terrorists/shooters/bombers in the last year was also on the No Fly List. I'm betting the answer is none of them. It surely doesn't seem to be an impediment to government employment.