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Wednesday, December 09, 2015


"Your car called in saying you had been involved in an accident... Did you leave the scene of an accident?”

A Florida woman was arrested for a hit-and-run late last month after her vehicle automatically alerted law enforcement.

The driver, 57-year-old Cathy Bernstein, reportedly struck another vehicle from behind last Monday before fleeing the scene in her black Ford Focus.

As first responders attended to the victim, who was taken to a nearby hospital with possible back injuries, police dispatch received an automated call from the Ford’s “911 assist” system.

The feature, which must be enabled manually to operate, syncs to a driver’s cell phone over Bluetooth and notifies law enforcement when an accident is detected.



Anonymous said...

Oh hell no.

I'm not buying a car that tracks me without my specific permission, and especially not one that forwards that information to a third party.

Big Brother is not my co-pilot. Neither is Jesus.

Anonymous said...

Yeah well don't carry your cellphone then either

Anonymous said...

Go live with Amish and drive a buggy.

lmclain said...

9:20 and 10:39 are of the same ilk. They should move to North Korea.
They are willing to surrender any and all in the pursuit of no crime, no violence, no dissent, and no freedom.
Because some type of action yields some good results does not mean it's okay.
They cheered when Nazi "checkpoints" were instituted. LOOKING for POSSIBLE crime! They cheered when the Patriot Act was passed (and essentially eviscerated the Bill of Rights). They cheered when the NDAA was passed and established warrantless searches, secret trials, secret prisons, and a host of other things, none good. In America.
They cheered when the director of the NSA was caught violating the law
AND lied about it in sworn testimony in Congress. They cheered when the government started recording every electronic communication sent in the USA.
They cheered when the FBI and the CIA told us that they could remotely turn on any phone, any TV, and any computer of any American and use THAT for more surveillance.
They cheered when the government bought BILLIONS of rounds of high powered ammo that has been banned for use in war!!! We can't use that ammo to shoot enemies, but the American people? Nothing in the law says the government can't shoot Americans. Who else would they be using a billion rounds on???? Cheer on!
They cheered when the government said they confiscated (without trial or charges) over six BILLION dollars in cash and property form INNOCENT Americans. Read that again.
They cheered when the police told us that they were using a device that sent our calls to a police intercept (warrant?? LOL!).
They cheered when the police stripped searched teenage girls for protesting abortion.
They cheer as, even today, government officials talk about how badly the Constitution restricts their power (that's what it's SUPPOSED to do!).
They don't know current events and they certainly don't know history. They have been conditioned and brainwashed to live on their knees and accept whatever their "leaders" tell them. Tracked, photographed, monitored, stopped, searched, robbed, listened to, and watched.
24-7. All the time. Everywhere you go.
That's the America they want???
They are getting the rope, too, when things start to unravel. And they will. There will be no mercy for them.
Keep cheering. While you still can.......