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Wednesday, December 09, 2015

Why the No-Fly List Gun-Grabbers Are Far More Extreme Than Donald Trump

Newsflash Bedwetters: With his proposed ban on Muslim immigrants, Donald Trump is not demanding anything that will result in a single American citizen being stripped of his or her Constitutional rights without due process. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, and the DC Media are.

If we are going to talk about extremism, let’s talk about extremism.

I’m not in favor of Trump’s ban on all Muslim immigration. In fact, it’s these shoot-from-the-hip proposals that keep from becoming a Trump voter. By all means, let Trump be Trump. There is much to love about the man. But until he can dial it down from an 11 to, say, an 8.5, until I see some presidential discipline, he worries me. And if you saw Trump’s appearance on “Morning Joe” this morning, it was obvious he had not thought this proposal through.

I agree there’s a disease in Islam that is spreading. For that reason I completely agree with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’s proposal to ban immigration from areas where ISIS and al Qaeda have captured land or influence. But I also agree that a sweeping proposal like this alienates America Muslims. On an emotional level that bothers me. On a domestic security level, we need these folks to continue to say something if they see something. Part of assimilating is being welcoming as a nation.

So, yes, Trump’s position on this issue is extreme. But it is nowhere near as extreme or un-Constitutional or un-American as gun control.

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Anonymous said...

And part of the assimilation process is the acceptance of American values. Those who don't accept don't become Americans, they just live here.

dogg said...

The OP is correct. Was thinking about this last night. The is no way this is not more unconstitutional than temp restricting visas for Muslims. Basically, anyone's right to own a gun can be taken away just because their name is on the no fly list. Who controls the list?? Who puts names on the list? Is there a court proceeding to put your name on the list? Nope. Your name can arbitrarily be placed on the no fly list....meaning you can no longer protect your family. Constitutional?? Only for Obozo.

Anonymous said...

Your a moron