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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

'I Heard a Boom - then the Terrorist Got Out of the Car to Stab'

Shortly after the lethal car attack which took place in central Jerusalem even as a bus was attacked in the capital's southeast, Arutz Sheva arrived on scene to hear eyewitness testimony from the terrorist attack.

One eyewitness, Meir, said, "I got on my bike with a friend a moment before it happened. I just told him about the terror attacks that happened yesterday and how frightening it is. We went up there, I told him it's scary to ride a bike, I'm afraid an Arab will come and run us over. I just happened to say that to him."

His comment came just a moment before Bezeq telephone company employee Alaa Abu Jamal rammed his company car into pedestrians before exiting with a knife drawn, murdering one victim identified as Rabbi Yeshiyahu Krishevsky and lightly wounding another.

"A minute later I hear a huge boom, we turned around and I told him let's get off (the bikes). We went back and right away I saw...wounded Jews covered in blood, and the terrorist was there, someone had a handgun and he fired off a shot (at the terrorist). He was still moving and there was a knife on the ground," said Meir, noting the terrorist had gotten out of his car.

"He got out of the car to stab, I don't know if he managed to stab or not. The army came right away, they gave him another ten bullets or so. A second earlier I had been there and I was saved by a miracle. It was scary."


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Anonymous said...

We just need to put an end to all of this Terrorist crap and start killing every Muslim anyone sees. Cops need to turn a blind eye to it, and let us good Christians eliminate this scum from our earth. It is time for a holy war against Islam.