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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

National Park Service Bans The Use Of E-Cigarettes Anywhere Smoking Is Prohibited

The National Park Service already prohibits smoking inside its buildings and in many outdoor spots included in its many miles of landholdings, and now vaping with an e-cigarette will be banned as well: the agency announced Monday that e-cigs can’t be used anywhere traditional smoking is already prohibited.

National Park Service Director Jonathan Jervis announced the new policy, calling it a step to safeguard people’s health, according to U.S. News & World Report.

“Protecting the health and safety of our visitors and employees is one of the most critical duties of the National Park Service,” Jarvis said. “We are therefore extending the restrictions currently in place protecting visitors and employees from exposure to tobacco smoke to include exposure to vapor from electronic smoking devices.”

Park service employees were clued in last week, in a memo that cites disputed findings about the risks of secondhand vapor inhalation, and e-cigarettes emitting formaldehyde and other toxic chemicals.

The new policy was introduced “out of an abundance of caution in light of the scientific findings and uncertainty to date, and in the interest of equity,” the memo to employees read.



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Anonymous said...

people cry about smoking so now smoking is not allowed so people go out and get a vap. to help them stop smoking and now everyone wants to stop the use of them it has been proven that the vapes will not affect anyone its a product to curb smoking i just think all the anyone wants to do is have something to cry about
for you all to ponder on drugs and wine beer whiskys
have hurt and killed more people then any vapes has
let outlaw all wine beer whiskys so you all can have something else to cry about

Anonymous said...

remember when smoking becomes illegal they will have to make up the tax money someplace

Anonymous said...

Just dip n spit. That will show them.

Anonymous said...

Now, if they just make the E-Cigarettes with smokeless ((clear) vapor, no one will be able to even tell whether someone is indulging, or not. I can't believe they haven't come up with it yet. If you can't see it, how can anyone prove that they're doing it? Making the devices illegal will never fly as long as cigarettes are still legal to possess.

Anonymous said...

You obviously don't know how vapor is formed from a liquid!

Anonymous said...

Next up: Memo being sent to bison, bears, moose and elk to cease breaking wind since it pollutes the air.

Nanny state.

Anonymous said...

Good news here!