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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Refugees, Or Invaders?

Syrian refugees are pouring into Europe and the United States is poised to take at least 10,000 of them. Not to be outdone, Germany wants to take 800,000 refugees. What a compassionate gesture toward fellow human beings whose lives are disrupted by civil war and chaos in their home countries.

But how many of these “refugees” are fleeing to the West to make a better life for themselves and how many are soldiers of Islamic jihad, part of an advance wave of invasion?

Where are these refugees coming from? There are nine civil wars going on now in Islamic countries between Pakistan and Nigeria. Of the refugees arriving in Syria, and presumably here in the U.S., one-third are from Syria. 12 percent are from Afghanistan and another 12 percent from Eritrea. 5 percent each from Somalia and Nigeria. Are these countries friendly to us? We recently fought a war in Afghanistan and Somalia was the home of Black Hawk Down, where 18 U.S. special operations soldiers were killed.



Anonymous said...

Germany "wants" to take 800,000 of them?

How about a poll of German citizens? I bet that would reveal quite the opposite.

All those good Muslims. Funny how you don't hear of "refugees" by the millions coming from any other source. Yet Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait, and Egypt...nope.

They know what they're doing. Move the troops into an area rreptitiously, drain their resources, overwhelm the social safety nets, demand special treatment, eliminate cultural norms and traditions by claiming to be offended, insist their cultural view be taught in schools.

Let them go to Africa, or one of the Islamic countries, then. Where their religion won't be traumatized at every turn, by our western decadence.

Anonymous said...

All part of Obama's plan to "change" America (to a Muslim country.) That was his promise when you fools elected him.

Anonymous said...

Invaders! Parasitic Invaders!!