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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

State police: Trooper shot man after fight in North East

NORTH EAST, Md. —Autopsy results shed new details in the fatal shooting of a man in Cecil County Friday night by a Maryland state trooper.

The incident happened at a busy parking lot in North East, and a use of force investigation is underway.

This is another incident in which police video would be helpful in determining whether the use of force is justified, but there is none. While some state police cars have dashboard cameras, the one used by the trooper in this case was not so equipped.

In video taken by a bystander Friday night, a woman identifying herself as the wife of Charles Hall questioned the need for a Maryland state trooper to fire his gun.

"He sat on his lap and shot him in the (expletive) neck. He shot my husband ... while he was sitting on his lap after he maced him," Amanda Hall said.



Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Democrat Jake Day spoke at the monthly Republican Club Meeting on Monday Night.

Jackie Wellfonder with Jacob Day at Salisbury Area Chamber of Commerce / Salisbury, MD
New Daddy, my friend, and Salisbury's next Mayor speaking at tonight's Republican Club meeting! ‪#‎SBY‬

Joe please do a story on this to let the local Republicans know who is running their club and what they are doing to the Party!! Jackie Welfonder, Muir Boda and Shawn Jester need to be outed for this!

Anonymous said...

Another murderous cop who will walk free. That damn deputy has gotten away with murder here locally. Same with the trooper a year or so ago. If a cop did this to my father ,child or spouse I can guarantee you that he would receive the same fate instantly.

Anonymous said...

So you are saying you are the judge and jury and you would murder a cop!

Anonymous said...

Joe those so called Republicans make me sick

Anonymous said...

Your just jealous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
So you are saying you are the judge and jury and you would murder a cop!

August 25, 2015 at 2:03 PM

Isn't that what kops are doing?

Anonymous said...

Hay the rule is Comply or Die, now how hard is that to figure out?

Anonymous said...

I said if I saw a cop shoot one of my family members while they sat on them and tased them while unarmed,he's I would walk up behind his ass immediately and execute him. I don't need a judge or jury and sure as hell don't need his buddies to help him walk. I'm sure your gonna tell I threatened a cop. Lol. No I didn't . I know my law. If is a contingent. The good thing is we aren't criminals so I doubt we'd have to worry about this scenario. But I can see a cop make a mistake and try to falsely arrest somebody. Then the cop shoots the person rightfully fighting for their freedom. All I can say is for the Leos to be on their p's and q's. Accoust my family I'll destroy you.

Anonymous said...

Raising arrest in MD is illegal whether the officer made a good arrest or not, resisting arrest is still illegal. If the suspect is innocent then argue or prove innocence in court, not on the sidewalk or the shoulder of the road. If you're falsely arrested then sue the hell out of the officer and his department, but don't make a bad situation worse by resisting arrest. That's the kind of ignorance that's running rampant all over the major cities.
Giovanni Jones

lmclain said...

Jones, you are not very smart, huh?
When you file a compliant regarding the actions of a cop, WHO do you think does the "investigation"? An unbiased citizen board? A group of neutral parties? LOL!
COPS write the report and the State's Attorney stamps it with his approval. And even more importantly, when the cop KNOWS he has done something wrong, he just perjures himself and has two of his cop buddies validate it. We've seen that movie hundreds of times.
The old "99% of police murders of citizens are deemed 'justified'".
Justified by the police.
Crack dealers would LOVE the same privileges, but they run into the "two sets of laws" thing.
How many news reports and video's of the cop telling one story and the video telling another do you need? Who are we to believe? The gunslinger or our lying eyes?
How about the training you cops have been receiving telling you to keep yelling "STOP RESISTING!" even when there is NO resistance, so that when the citizen complains about a broken arm and facial fractures, you gleefully take the stand and proclaim "See! He was resisting! We had to cripple him!!". Or the training cops receive about how many times during an arrest you can shoot someone and get away with it??? These are FACTS.
You want a REAL 99% statistic?? 99.99999999999999999999% of citizens who complain about police brutality are blown off, disregarded, humiliated, and sent home. Then their picture gets posted in the police barracks so the next time that citizen is encountered (that damn lane change without a signal) he gets to learn who the Masters are. In a five against one gang attack (for......resisting arrest).
Get rid of the short guy "I'M THE POLICE!!! BS and start serving citizens instead of looking for reasons to beat, rob, rape, cripple, and kill us.