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Monday, August 24, 2015

Justin Gregoli City Council District 2


I am no more, no less than everyone else in the city of Salisbury MD. We all want the same things. We want less crime, better jobs, better education, and safety for our families, property values protected, financial waste to stop and so on.

Obviously the way it has been going has been failing. WE NEED CHANGE! AND WE NEED IT NOW!

My career has been in managing people and business for over 25 years and a city is a business, do not be fooled a city needs leaders that understand business and profit and loss. Just like a business loss (deficit) will create failure and profit (surplus) will create security, safety and prosperity if applied correctly.

In order to attract better jobs and opportunities we need to attract companies that have what we need, higher paying, and higher skilled positions. Fast food and retail just do not sustain growth, safety and prosperity. We have lost a large amount of businesses that would give this city those types of jobs to other cities around the country that want them and promote themselves to attract these types of companies. We need to give these companies a reason to want to come here.

Our city is having issues with crime like at no other time in its history. First and foremost this has to stop!! We need to find ways to reduce this crime and the issues that follow in its direct path. Crime destroys communities quicker than any other period. Businesses do not want to be in high crime areas (less jobs), people will not buy a home in a high crime area (less property value), policing gets overwhelmed, and fellow citizens will not self-police out of fear (less safety). There is not one issue facing Salisbury that is more important than crime reduction.

Financial waste is a problem that we all have seen in our lives when it comes to government selections on spending, there are many reasons for this but it simply isn’t needed to get our city to where it needs to be. We need to find ways to stop the waste, stop over taxing our citizens to death, destroying property values and start spending smartly on the things that improve the city’s future. That increase home ownership and lowers the rental properties throughout the city. We need a reason for investment from the people that live here. Rental properties that have a single family, not many families. Rental properties that are at a standard that promotes safety and value to its neighbors. We are considered a college town and as such we will have student rentals but it needs to be managed better.

Let me give you a little about me, I am a single dad of six children ages from 8 through 21. Four of my children live with me, the other two are out on their own. My children are the reason I am doing this, I want them to live in a place that is safe and where there children can be safe. A place they can have a successful career and purchase a home and expect that the value will go up instead of down, where they can raise a family in safety and security.

I am a conservative and not in name only, I am not politically correct, I will tell what I feel or believe, I will not agree with everyone and not everyone will agree with me. My mission is to be me and to be no one else.

I have no financial interests whatsoever in this city, no money to gain by being on this council, if it is a good decision, it is good for the people not just for myself and if it is a bad decision then it is a bad decision plain and simple. We need people that speak for the people and not for personal or political gain.

I am currently employed as the manager of Precision Tune Auto Care here in Salisbury and you can feel welcome to visit me anytime.

If you have questions, I will answer any and all. You can contact me at


Anonymous said...

Is Laura Mitchell running in District 2? If so, this man has my vote as I have had enough of "welfare" queen running the show. Understand she is on the airport commission.....pleeeezzzzzz. What does she know about airports? Unless she's hopes that she gets free travel using her EBT (or whatever they call it)

Anonymous said...

The way things are here, a lot will depend on who you align yourself with, if you're holding hands and linked with any of the status quo you're going to have a hard time getting votes. We need a new direction and that means out with the old. Voters will also be looking at who is contributing money to your campaign. Muir Bota is a very nice guy, I will vote for him now, however, his association with a low life blogger has cost him many votes over the years. Beware of strangers bearing gifts. Justin, I'm not in your district but I wish you well and hope you are one of the people that can help turn this outhouse into an indoor toilet. Thank you for running!

Anonymous said...

Excuse me Muir Boda is not associates with any Blogger.

Anonymous said...

I'll be looking forward to hearing what you have in mind.

Justin Gregoli said...

Thank you Joe for posting my introduction,
Laura Mitchell is running un-opposed in district 5. as for myself my hands are in no ones pockets, nor are they in mine. I abhor the status quo and it is the main reason i chose to run in the first place. Muir Boda does seem to be a nice gentleman but as we have said we need a new direction, he has been running quite often and I am sure he wants to be involved in the city. I can not speak for his motivations, but I will tell you mine, CHANGE!! That's it. This city needs to change and needs people that are willing to push that change forward.
If you want the city to continue in the direction it has been going, i am not your guy.
If you want someone that wants no favors from anyone and wants this city to prosper and change, than I am your guy!


Anonymous said...

I'm not a Sby resident but I want to give my best wishes to Justin and thank him for keeping democracy alive by filing to run.

Anonymous said...

Justin, since the districts have changed, people are a bit confused. Can you kindly tell us who else is running in the 2nd district and what the geographic boundaries are?

Justin Gregoli said...

Keyvan Aarabi, Marvin Ames, Muir Boda are the other 3 for District 2. as for the boundaries that is less easy. District 2 is a bit broken in it's area.
if you go to the following link you can see the district divisions.

hope this helps

Anonymous said...

Thanks, 1:42, I can't find the map anywhere. If anybody out there has a link to it, I'd appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

Vote splitting at its finest, in order to get one candidate elected. City voters are truly the stupidest kind of voter if this works.