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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Surgeon: Caitlyn's pre-surgery recovery 'really amazing,' expected to make full recovery

The surgeon who operated on Caitlyn, the dog found muzzled with electrical tape last week in North Charleston, called her recovery "really amazing" and said she is expected to make a full recovery after undergoing plastic surgery on Wednesday

Dr. Henri Bianucci performed the surgery on the 15-month-old Staffie mix which took about two hours.

CAS officials say Banucci repaired Caitlyn's cheek and lips; originally the surgery called for work on Caitlyn's tongue, but doctors said it was not needed since the tongue was in better shape than they thought.

"Her tongue had sloughed a small area of dead tissue," Bianucci said in a statement. "The shape was roughly that of a maple leaf. It was really amazing. The combination of [hyperbaric oxygen therapy] and cold laser therapy reduced the tissue loss from the tongue to an absolute minimum."



Anonymous said...

Lol! Thought from the headline this was another Bruce Jenner story.
Glad this Caitlyn is doing well.

Anonymous said...

Isn't Caitlyn a popular name involving surgery.

Anonymous said...

This is a Caitlyn I care about. Get well little friend.

Anonymous said...

Both are dogs

Anonymous said...

12:02 - this one has a better personality - and brain!

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope this idiot who did this gets the harshest punishment known for animal abuse. Nothing or no one should have to suffer like this poor dog did. If he would treat an animal like that he would also treat a human the same way or worse.

Anonymous said...

My dog Rex finally broke down and told me he wants to be a cat. Rex says he wants to be called Mittens now. We're transitioning him to Fancy Feast and a litter box. Thank you for your prayers during this challenging time.

Anonymous said...

I sincerely hope the bastard(s) that did this to this beautiful puppy rot in hell eternally!

There are so many sick bastards out there that cause untold torture and damage to defenseless animals. If you don't want a pet, don't get one, or take your unwanted pet to a shelter.

This doctor deserves a great deal of thanks for taking such good care of Caitlyn.

All dogs rock!

Anonymous said...

I pray she goes to a good home. She deserves to lead the life of Raleigh from now on.