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Thursday, June 04, 2015

Dollar General Taking Berlin Rejection To Court

BERLIN – Officials from a Pocomoke company whose plans to build a Dollar General in Berlin were denied approval by the town are taking the case to court.

Representatives from Oxford Chase Development, the company that proposed plans for a 9,000 square-foot Dollar General near the intersection of Route 113 and Route 346 in Berlin, filed an appeal of the decision of the Berlin Board of Appeals in Worcester County Circuit Court Thursday.

“We’re not giving up,” said John Camp, vice president of Oxford Chase Development. “We’re going to pursue it through whatever legal means we can.”

According to Randy Coates, attorney for Oxford Chase, the company will be appealing the board of appeals’ affirmation of the planning director’s decision to deny a zoning certificate for the project.



Anonymous said...

"Berlin Mayor Gee Williams said, “I believe the town is ultimately and appropriately the responsible party for ensuring a safe and consistent access for emergency vehicles and the public to the only roadway into Atlantic General Hospital.”."

If that is truly the case then the town should use the power of eminent domain and buy the property at fair market value. I bet if it was some upscale business or popular restaurant they wouldn't have any problem with a large traffic volume. Bunch of hypocrites.

Anonymous said...

It is not up to Dictator Williams as he should know this as he works for State Highway Admin. Rt 346 - Old Ocean City Rd and Blvd are state highways and if the owner/developer, etc. gets an entry and exit permit then they are allowed to proceed. I am sure they had to do traffic counts and studies, etc. While I certainly agree the intersection and area gets congested. I am sick and tired of the town telling people what to do. They want growth and tax dollars then let the person build it and collect the taxes. You cant pick and choose. Look at all the wasted money on the crosswalk at Bay Street--I watch almost daily people still walking across against the traffic I watched kids the other day push the button just to get the traffic to stop and then run back to Uncle Willeys lot.

Anonymous said...

Ya'll are arguing over a chinese junk store and they are going to force their way into your community whether you like it or not

I am sure there are other lots more appropriate for such a store, and it would be cheaper to chose one than a legal battle. But that is the way of big business.

Coming soon! A low wage corporate welfare store to your neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Berlin have one already?

Anonymous said...

Berlin is wrong on this issue.

Anonymous said...

If the Dollar General project meets all the zoning requirements Berlin has no authority to stop for any reason.

Anonymous said...

8:41-You probably right,but the fact that this issue is going to court suggests that the involved town or city has some say.The court will doubtfully resist the momentum of a major corporation,but we'll see.There is no environmental threat involved here and Berlin has continuously stated how business friendly they are.Such a degree of opposition to a Dollar General is a head scratcher.

Anonymous said...

No need to scratch your head....everything leads to the Mayor and it is high time for a new one. He brought us the rain tax and pushed it on everyone--not even a church gets a break from this fee. He is leading the way for purchase of the old chicken plant so another council member gets out from under a white elephant and lines his pockets with money...he is hopeful to get the town to get the adjoining properties purchased which includes his parents and his property. He pushed these annexations and was trying to be sneaky about the Bay Club annexations and just got caught. Mr. Guylas is right there are a lot of unanswered questions on how we are going to pay for the trash trucks, police, EMT, and fire trucks to serve all these new areas. The new library drawings are crazy--why do we need something to look like that in Berlin. I agree we still need libraries for computers, etc. for those who don't have them at home and some do still read books but we don't need that and all the sudden the town found $75,000 to give them. They say the town cant afford to provide for the fire company and police station but they are funding a 2.4 million dollar purchase to Troy Purnell and others for a old chicken plant. WAKE UP TAXPAYERS!!! Once it is bought there is a lot of work to be done to make it a park. Then we need more tractors, trucks, and people to maintain it. The Mayor dictates to the staff and council what he wants. We need councilpeople like Guylas to stand up for us!! When it is time for an election people need to file and run. TAXPAYERS NEED TO SHOW UP MONDAY FOR THE BUDGET MEETING and ask a lot of questions.