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Monday, May 04, 2015

Japan Shut Down Radical Islam Entirely… And Here’s the Simple Way They Did It

The Japanese people are distinctly themselves which is reflected in their government, commerce and daily lives, and unlike many Western countries, they are not swayed by outside influence and political correctness.

As the influence of Islam is being spread across the globe through Muslim evangelism and immigration, Muslims remain persona non grata in Japan.

While Japan strives to maintain civil relationships with Islamic countries for economic reasons, inside the country, Muslims are required to practice their religion quietly in their own homes and are prohibited from overtly endeavoring to convert anyone to Islam.



Anonymous said...

They're certainly smarter than we are.

Anonymous said...

Lets do this for all religions.

ginn said...

"Occum's Razor" says, 'The simplest solution is usually the correct one'. Seems like the Japanese have learned to use that razor.

Anonymous said...

Islamists use the protections of the 1st Amendment to hide their ideology behind the cloak of religion. We cannot and will not subvert these freedoms simply because someone is using them to destroy our way of life. But this does not mean we should allow them to use our freedoms to take ours away.

No religion should have the power to suppress anyone's freedoms, but Islam is worse than any other. It is a malevolent, insidious cancer; a contagious psychopathy based on deluded fanaticism.

Anonymous said...

11:14 PM, oh so true!!

Anonymous said...

That dude has arms growing out of his head!!

Anonymous said...

The Japanese are just ultra xenophobic. That is not the American we (or our grandparents) all immigrated to.