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Friday, April 03, 2015

Sen. Grassley: Hillary Could Be Charged in Email Case

Hillary Clinton likely violated the law by using a private email account for government business and wiping her home server clean — and she could face prosecution, says Sen. Chuck Grassley, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

"They all fall into one great big mistake she made and it could be a violation of law, probably is a violation of law," Grassley, an Iowa Republican, said Tuesday.

"Some people are suggesting she could even be prosecuted and it's as simple as this — she was using a private email address instead of a government one and it probably violates the Freedom of Information Act, it probably violates national security legislation laws...."

Grassley does not agree with powerhouse Washington lawyer Lanny Davis, a Clinton family confidante, who suggested the former secretary of state not surrender her server to "partisan" House investigators.



Anonymous said...

Could be, maybe, possibly, probably.

Do any of these "lawmakers" know the "law?" It's either "is", or "is't".

Tidewaterbound said...

She violated with intent. This wasn't a casual, 'oh well' convenience. What she did, she did with purpose and then wiped the server clean, just as she always has to cover her tracks.

Would anyone want someone so determined to hide their actions to lead our country?

Anyone who has followed watching her over the last 30-40 years knows this would be a terrifying option. The woman is frightening and simply unfit, unqualified, and to anyone who has ready the books she states she actually wrote, unstable.

And they will VOTE for her.

God help America.

Anonymous said...

She's no more going to be charged then Lerner was charged. Just more BS lip service from Republicans that aren't going to do a GD thing but become the new spin doctors of politics.

Anonymous said...

She will no be prosecuted because the corrupt DOJ will not do it.

Anonymous said...

"Would anyone want someone so determined to hide their actions to lead our country?"

Tidewater and others-the answer to this is yes and the reason is she is a democrat and as per democrat insider and obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber democrat voters are "stupid."

Anonymous said...

The same day president Obammy resigns!

Anonymous said...

Lanny Davis is a disgrace and a liar.