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Friday, April 03, 2015

Fire In Berlin

Berlin, Ocean Pines, Newark, fire on scene building fire 545 Bay St. on scene, no injuries at this time!


Anonymous said...

Cooking meth? Fall asleep drunk with a lit cigarette? Call in the fire marshals office.

Anonymous said...

Funny, other site made such a big deal BBB out of this simple room and contents bread and butter fire. 2nd alarm cropper jr must have been working.

Anonymous said...

10:29 AM this is what I said on the other site.

Fortunately due to a brave, courageous and aggressive attack by the Firefighters

"brave, courageous and aggressive attack"


Anonymous said...

Exactly! Typical Berlin BS now they have 753 to straighten them out. A legend only in two minds, his and his dads.