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Friday, April 03, 2015

Married vs Single: What science says is better for your health

Various studies have attempted to measure whether marriage truly makes people healthier and happier, and how it compares to the lives of bachelors and single ladies out there. Sure, being single may be more fun — and being married may be more comforting and meaningful. But how do these two different paths of life compare when it comes to health risks and benefits?

It’s often up to the individual to maintain health on their own, but certain lifestyles and life choices — like career or marriage — can definitely have an effect on your health and longevity. Here’s how.
Heart Health

Consistent research has shown that being married is actually good for your heart. In one recent study out of New York University’s Lagone Medical Center, researchers found that married men and women had a five percent lower chance of cardiovascular disease compared to single people. Doctors aren't entirely sure why, but it's possible that since marriages typically offer a person emotional support, physical and intellectual intimacy, as well as deeper social ties to family, they might lower blood pressure and improve heart health overall.

However, another recent study out of Michigan State University plays devil’s advocate: It found that people in a bad marriage were actually more likely to experience negative cardiovascular effects, compared to people in good marriages. So it’s not necessarily about whether you’re married or not. It’s all about how happy it’s making you, and whether your relationship is healthy or strained.

“Married people seem healthier because marriage may promote health,” said Hui Liu, a Michigan State University sociologist who is an author of the study. “But it’s not that every marriage is better than none. The quality of marriage is really important.”



Anonymous said...

I like the single man's ferry tale.
There once was a man who asked a woman if she would marry him. She said no!!!
Well he went hunt and fishing, and stayed out late and live happily ever after!

Anonymous said...

Here is the actual fairy tale story:

Once upon a time, a Prince asked a beautiful Princess…. “Will you marry me?”

The Princess said, “NO!!!”

And the Prince lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles, went fishing, hunting and bowling, and drank beer and scotch and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up whenever he wanted.

The End

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha 1:20 Good one!