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Monday, March 09, 2015

Town Officials Rip Wicomico and Somerset Governments At Tax Differential Hearing

On March 4, the Ways & Means Committee of Maryland's House of Delegates heard testimony regarding the pending legislation that would require both Somerset County and Wicomico County to provide a tax relief for property owners in municipalities that perform services that the County would otherwise perform. Among the officials from many municipalities Crisfield's mayor, Kimberly Lawson, Delmar Commissioner, Thomas Luffman, and Salisbury's mayor Ireton spoke. Here's what they had to say. 

Kim Lawson

Thomas Luffman

Jim Ireton


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Almost half the Wicomico County residents live in Delmar, Fruitland or Salisbury, and much if not most of the county's tax revenue is from property in those towns.

Hopefully Bob Culver will change the situation that has come about under Pollitt, who turned against the tax differential after supporting it when he worked in Fruitland.

Anonymous said...

Has the mainstream media been covering this?

Thank goodness for Sbynews.

Anonymous said...

Something I don't like is that these counties get money from COMCAST for allowing them to run their lines around the county. COMCAST doesn't come near my house YET I pay the same amount in taxes as those who have a choice. I think my taxes (and everyone else who CANT get comcast)should have lower tax bills.