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Monday, March 09, 2015

Committee Rejects Hogan's "Rain Tax" Repeal

Governor Larry Hogan says he’s confident lawmakers will repeal the so called rain tax, but a House Committee has other ideas.

In what is Hogan's first legislative defeat as governor, the House Environment and Transportation Committee Friday night voted 14-7, to defeat Hogan’s bill repealing the storm water management fee, or what critics call the “rain tax.”

The fee, imposed on a property's paved surfaces, was approved in 2012.

It is designed to raise revenue for Baltimore City and the state’s nine largest counties, to pay for storm water control projects.



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Anonymous said...

Do a obama special Veto.

Anonymous said...

Do an Obama executive order.

Anonymous said...

It was his bill that was defeated he cannot veto what was voted down. 14-7 is pretty decisive.

Anonymous said...

just another reason to vote every democrat out of office.

Anonymous said...

This tax is a joke and outside the halls of Annapolis, there is "rage" from the average citizen. Cleaning up the bay has been a political theme forever. If the bay is so polluted why can they not find who is doing it and having them pay the direct cost? Hogan is responding to the overwhelming support of the voters on this, and special interest doesn't like it.

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