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Monday, March 09, 2015

I Have A Question For You And Especially WBOC

I know I have been critical of WBOC lately but today was just over the top and I'm frankly fed up.

I was watching the 5:00 News when they started talking about the Boston Marathon Bomber Trial. Now look, they have been covering this every single day since it started and I have a couple of questions.

ONE: Will you Idiots be covering it every single day, instead of local news?

TWO: Just how many freakin times do you have to subject people with extremely graphic images of blown off legs and blood everywhere? 

Now here I sit with a Website that some people freaked out over us sharing a far away image of someone hanging in a tree and some people went nuts. No face, no blood, but that was allegedly too graphic for some. REALLY? It's OK for WBOC to put up people with their legs blown completely off and showing nothing but blood and bones, help me out here.

When someone is shot or even killed, do you see SBYNews knocking on their doors begging for an interview, NO. 

So, do YOU think it's fair that in FAMILY TIME sitting around with the KIDS that it's OK to sensationalize the Boston Marathon Bombing by showing such graphic images, day after day after day after day?

I'll tell you what. If YOU are into that kind of thing, GO HERE  and see the kind of images WBOC is subjecting you to. There, is that fair and balanced now? It's SICK. Shame on any of you for complaining about us putting up an image of someone hanging in a tree. 

Another day goes by without WBOC doing local reporting. Oh, unless you know who broke into a DOVER home and stole a handgun. 


Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! It's pathetic to turn on our LOCAL news every night and we're lucky if we get five minutes of local news, The rest of it is just pulled off the Internet from national news sites, anyone with access to the Internet could do the news that way. The sad part of it is we all know there's plenty of local news out there.

Anonymous said...

Local news ?--- Hell they don't know where 60 foot road is .
Anyway the news about Boston is old repeat news , they are good at copy - cat news.

Anonymous said...

Forget WBOC Joe will keep us informed!!!

JoeAlbero said...

To the person sending in a nasty comment about SBYNews not doing local news, get a grip.

If you go back to SUNDAY'S top posts for all of last week, 35 of the 40 articles with the most comments were LOCAL news.

We do more then anyone else when it comes to local news every day. Some of you spoiled brats want ONLY local news and nothing else. We;;, here's what I suggest then. Open your own Website and see how difficult it is. Then draw the kind of audience we do and moderate a million comments, many of which you have to trash because Idiots like you curse or personally attack people.

Now, when it comes to WBOC, I happen to PAY a monthly bill to watch their crap and so does everyone else, unless you use rabbit ears. They need to show some class and respect their Family Hour viewers.

Steve Hammond, you were in a crappy mood today too and it showed. Are we getting to you guys? ;-)

Anonymous said...

I have not and will not watch a joke of local news stations--that I have laughed at even before I lived here... When I was visiting 20 years ago--it was pathetic.. now it is just plain sad, and amteurish... High School students could do better than these losers

Anonymous said...

Have you distressed folks considered not watching WBOC? Complaining does no good other than to get your drawers in a twist. Don't like it, don't watch it. I turned off WBOC at least two years ago and have not been a whining complainer over their newscast since. You all give the appearance of eagle-eying WBOC just so you can look for stuff to belly ache over. Turn off the TV and go do something nice with your family..

Anonymous said...

Joe, I watched the 6pm WBOC news. Three local stories were noted the Sixty Road accident, the Somerset County alleged racial behavior in a school and what we need to know if we will be in OC for St. Patty’s Day. I wasn’t paying good attention so I don’t know all that was there. There were the usual Delaware stories and the weather. I saw no sports. There was a short story about the losing bill to allow 18 year old military to drink in Maryland.
The national CBS news included the Boston Bomber trial I didn’t see on WBOC at 6pm. Maybe WBOC was leaving it this time for the national news that followed.

There have been many pictures of victims with missing limbs and pictures of the bombers in action and more new ones today. I don’t like looking at those anymore than I like looking at, for example, repeated 911 shots of the towers coming down.

I do wonder the effects those bomber pictures have on people on the street who are making their own decision about life or death for the bomber on trial. I wonder how they affect the real decision makers.

As for the hanging picture you played, it was a suicide, very sensational and one has to think hurtful to the family. How often do we see a local hanging? Plenty of speculation all over the place was allowed by comments here that speculated: male, female, motive, murder, suicide, and skin color.

Kids see all kinds of things on TV and so forth. When our kids were young we turned off the set if we thought the news was age inappropriate, missing it our self. We had the same sort of plan for movies, which is why my wife and I saw very few. After the kids watched their movie and went to bed we were too tired to watch ours. We knew parents with less discretion.

As in the past, parents have to decide what they want their kids to see today and sometimes it means the parents don’t see it either.

Anonymous said...

You never see WBOC confront the mayor or any other democrat around here about their policies but they like to go after Culver.

Anonymous said...

Back in the day they could pull the news off the AP wire and read it verbatim. Very few were any wiser to the tactic.

Today they follow the news cycle rather than leading it. It's evident to anyone with a brain and a computer.

Anytime I wonder if cars or furniture are still for sale I turn the set on for a moment or two to be reassured!

Anonymous said...

You don't knock on doors because you know you would get beaten. Or because you are too lazy. Or both.

JoeAlbero said...

8:10, Really JT, is that all you've got?

Seems to me I knocked on some 8,000 doors running for Mayor and not one was slammed in my face.

I would LOVE to see YOU try the same. Heck, you don't have the balls to do so anyway.

So you can throw the "beaten", and "lazy" statement right out the door, fool.

Scared is a man, (or alleged man) who has to hide behind anonymous and make such stupid remarks.

Do you ever realize how stupid you truly are?

Anonymous said...

i don't watch WBOC OR CBS!

Anonymous said...

I routinely find myself checking news on Sby just to see if WBOC and WMDT can catch up. Haha. This is my first place to get local news. Good Job Joe!!