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Friday, February 27, 2015

Its Actually Snowing Pretty Hard In Delmar Right Now & More

Thick flakes are falling from the sky as seen from my Office window here in Delmar. Is it snowing out by you?
TO MR. GREG BASSETT and our viewers, I took a look at Mr. Bassett's Website as he published the Bob Culver response YESTERDAY. I want to give ALL of you an idea of just how meaningless Bassett is. So far we have around SIXTY comments on our Post put up this morning. Bassett, well, he has a total of TWO comments and ONE of them is in support of Bob Culver. 

Mike Dunn and the rest of the Dream Team Liberals have lost any and all support and popularity. Look, I'm not making these numbers up. IF anyone believed and supported Bassett or Dunn, those worthless Liberals would have a thousand comments up just out of spite. 

Jimmy and all his Rehoboth Facebook friends would be all over it showing PHONY support just because they're LIBERALS. The one thing I'll give Greg credit for, he isn't writing his own comments just to make himself look popular, unlike the other Blogger who has no following and writes his own comments all day long. It's hilarious when people read them to me. Anyhow, maybe one day you'll become somebody Greg Bassett but in reality, NO ONE would hire you because EVERYONE knew your past history of misleading one, (liberal) sided stories in the Daily Times. 

For now you'll just have to settle with the FACT that back when I told you if you didn't publish the TRUTH, I'd start my own newspaper. You reply was, "we love competition". Well Greg, LOOK WHERE WE ARE TODAY! A non journalist with a Blog blowing away you, the DT's, WBOC & WMDT, GO FIGURE! I see a guy with a tin cup sitting on the corner of Mani Street and Rt. 13 in the very near future. 

For the rest of you who have spent years calling me a liar and even do so today, we deliver DOCUMENTED EVIDENCE of what we discuss and publish. There are no lies. Just obsessed people who spend their every waking moment with mental problems talking about Joe Albero every day. Wow, and some of you actually follow those Sites. 


Anonymous said...

I just looked to see what the Salisbury Independent site had up. Looks like they got a third comment from JT trashing Bob Culver...right under the heading that no personal attacks or uncivil comments would be published

Anonymous said...

Good points. I would also add that "they" complain you make and allow ugly comments. Well, their buddy Taylor is extremely vicious himself (not to mention his flat out lies over and over), allows disgusting vulgar comments as well as personal ill-bred attacks on non-public figures. That is apparently okay in their book when it serves their purpose.
Just another example of their hypocrisy. Stay on them Joe. They have distorted the truth for years.

Anonymous said...

you will meet your match one day Mr. A

JoeAlbero said...

3:50, You mean I'll be able to retire AGAIN? I'm cool with that. However, here's the deal. I'll retire when someone can prove they can put out the same amount of articles, draw in the same kind of traffic every day as well as comments. Oh, they have to be a conservative minded Website as well.

THAT, Mr. Bassett, means I will be here for a very long time. In the mean time, carry on.

Anonymous said...

You're being kind with the picture of Greg. Have you seen him lately Joe. Rode hard.

Unknown said...

keep up the good work all the people want to hear is the UNBIASED truth which we dont get from our local AND national media

Anonymous said...

Did you link the snow comment with the Bassett comments because he is always trying to "snow" us. Pretty clever Joe! LOL!

JoeAlbero said...

5:30, No, I was thinking more like "FLAKES".

Anonymous said...

Joe, are you suggesting Mr. Bassett will be buying a begging franchise & corner from Mr. Parks?

Please cover the ribbon cutting of his next newsworthy venture!

Anonymous said...

The real and complete truth is what we want and should get from all media but when we have leaders that lie and mislead us likethe best President terrorists ever had why shouldn't the rest follow ?