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Saturday, January 24, 2015

Liquor Control Board to close 16th Street store until May

When it comes to the county Liquor Control Department, there is no question where the commissioner representing Ocean City, Joe Mitrecic, stands.

“I’m voting against this,” he said of a request to close the department’s 16th Street store in Ocean City until May, “but the only reason I’m voting against it is because we’re going to open it back up again,” he said.

The request for the temporary closure came from Director Bobby Cowger who told the commissioners Tuesday it would save an estimated $27,000. Between now and May 1, when the store would reopen, the employees of the 16th Street store will be moved to the Gold Coast and northern locations, while the temporary employees at those locations will be furloughed.



Anonymous said...

the gubmint can't get us to drink and gamble enough!

Anonymous said...

Is the liquor store at Seacrets still open? If so why would the patrons of the 16th st location go all the way to the Gold Coast Mall location?

Anonymous said...

We are still awaiting the reasoning why Cowger persuaded the county to move the outlet from 17th st Coastal Highway to the current location on 16th. It was the number one location with great visibility and easy access. Now, it has little visibility, very little or no parking and has fallen from the top money maker to the bottom needing to close for the season.

Anonymous said...

Because he's not too smart 10:58.

Anonymous said...

This is Anti American anyway, where do we live Russia,China, north korea?

Get rid of this.