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Saturday, January 24, 2015

NFL Hires Major Democrat Operative To Investigate Brady's Balls

The National Football League (NFL) announced Friday that it has hired super-lawyer Ted Wells to investigate the New England Patriots’ deflated ball scandal.

Wells is a former general counsel of the New Jersey Democratic Party and a campaign treasurer for liberal Democrat Bill Bradley’s 2000 presidential campaign and is a major official at the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP).

Wells is a partner at the New York-based mega firm Paul, Weiss. Wells previously worked for the NFL to investigate the Miami Dolphins’ 2014 “hazing” controversy, producing a 144-page report that concluded that player Richie Incognito hazed a teammate.




JoeAlbero said...

I loved watching one comedian say, well, the other team didn't seem to have any problems catching INTERCEPTIONS! Awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wells like former FBI Director Meuller are from a Jesuit background ..Jesuit Commissioner Goodell makes sure they keep everything in house to get the results that serve them .. the NFL has absolutely no integrity anymore

Anonymous said...

This team has repeatedly shown that they will cheat. And, the NFL will do nothing about it.
They should have the title stripped from them and not be allowed in any post season games for a decade.

Anonymous said...

How much money will Wells make to put lipstick on the NFL pig?

Anonymous said...

Tom Brady thinks footballs are filled with something solid, like baseballs. He must have taken too many head shots on the field.