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Friday, September 19, 2014

Worcester Commissioner Candidates Meet at Forum

District 2 candidate Diana Purnell, left, District 3 Commissioner Bud Church, District 5 candidate Tom Wilson, District 5 candidate Chip Bertino, District 6 Commissioner Jim Bunting, District 7 candidate Joe Mitrecic, District 4 Commissioner Virgil Shockley and District 3 candidate Michael Maykrantz took part in a Worcester County Commission forum at the Ocean Pines library on Wednesday, Sept. 17. JOSH DAVIS, PHOTO
Eight candidates for Worcester County Commissioner met during a political forum at the Ocean Pines Library on Sept. 17.

Candidates Diana Purnell (District 2), Michael Maykrantz (District 3), Tom Wilson and Chip Bertino (District 5) and Joe Mitrecic (District 7) joined incumbents Bud Church (District 3), Virgil Shockley (District 4) and Jim Bunting (District 6) during the forum.

Although the majority of the questions came from the audience, moderator and Ocean Pines Chamber of Commerce Director Will Cathell got the ball rolling, asking candidates how they would bring more full-time jobs to the county.

Several candidates touted Worcester County Economic Development Bill Badger.



Anonymous said...

Mike Maykrantz... LMAO

Anonymous said...

Poor Maykrantz! That goof is so lame he either didn't say anything or the media refused to quote him.

He is an Ocean City Farmin and just as goofy as Salisbury Farmin.