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Monday, December 15, 2014

Al Sharpton Was WH Guest 61 Times Since '09

Not everyone gets to drop in at the presidential residence for a chat with President Barack Obama, but the White House welcome mat most definitely has been out for one frequent visitor — the Rev. Al Sharpton.

Since 2009, Sharpton has visited the White House no fewer than 61 times, reports the National Review, citing the White House visitor log, which "illustrates the extraordinary access Sharpton has had to the president and his top advisers."

Many of the visits were for official events, such as the Celebration of Music from the Civil Rights Movement and the jobs bill signing in 2010.



Anonymous said...

The rascist in chief with his chief race-baiter!

Anonymous said...

No surprise here his first four years did not show how racist Obama was. But the 2nd term he should have kept his mouth shut by the way he has responded to incidents and the news media

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they shared the same bed????

Anonymous said...

2 of the biggest dregs of society.
Absolute filth. There is a special place in hell waiting for them both.