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Monday, December 15, 2014

Virginians Go to War Over Car Tax

More than a dozen years after leading a drastic reduction in Virginia’s “car tax,” former Gov. Jim Gilmore is fighting to protect the cuts and kill the tax altogether while members of both parties seek to raise it again to fund an ever-expanding budget.

Despite Republicans narrowly controlling Virginia’s Senate and holding a commanding edge in the House of Delegates, tax increases are being discussed in the Old Dominion. Former Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe is currently governor. Gilmore expects this push for a tax increase to fail, but he says Republicans need to be much stronger than they have been to this point.

“We certainly believe the House of Delegates will stand fast,” Gilmore said. “We certainly hope that they do. … We’ve always had a problem that moderate to liberal senators in the Virginia state Senate want to continue to increase taxes, and they never really liked the car tax cut, even though many of them were elected on it. That’s a real problem.”

In fact, this debate is flaring up again because of pressure from a Republican member of the Senate.

“This issue has been raised because an outgoing Republican state senator has said we ought to reach back in and get this money,” Gilmore said.

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Anonymous said...

This tax is one of the main reasons I turned down multiple Virginia-based job offers. Not much different than Salisbury's piggyback tax - which induced me to buy out in the county when I was tricked in to moving here....should have never purchased a home.

Anonymous said...

Also know as a valorem tax. You buy a car and pay taxes and then the state taxes you yearly on the estimated value.