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Monday, December 15, 2014

Why undercover cop really pulled his gun on anti-police protesters

Gang of 50 turned on officer, punched and knocked his partner to the ground, and threatened them

The undercover cop who pulled a gun on anti-police protesters in Oakland, California, was justified in doing so after a gang of 50 targeted his partner, a witness claims.

The officer, who has not been named, was marching with the demonstrators on Wednesday night when the mob is said to have turned on him and his colleague.

After pulling out a baton and identifying himself as police, his partner was hit on the head and tackled to the ground - prompting the officer to point a pistol at the crowd.

Despite a flurry of outrage from crowds and on Twitter, photographer Michael Short said the reaction was natural in the face of the 'threatening' crowds.



Anonymous said...

An undercover cop marching with a mob of protesters....and they probably turned on the cops after blowing their cover. I'm surprised that the crown didn't beat these two to a pulp - gun or not....

Meanwhile, we'll see more of this type of incidents where the cops are outnumbered and attacked....

Anonymous said...

He should have shot a couple of them for beating his partner because he was next.

Anonymous said...

Shoot and ask questions later.

Anonymous said...

some undercover cop. He blew his cover.