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Monday, November 24, 2014

America’s Coolest Small Town recognized with three awards at Tourism and Travel Summit

The Town of Berlin was the focal point of three awards at the Maryland Tourism and Travel Summit held last week in Ocean City, announced Mayor Gee Williams.

Berlin was recognized as having the Best Social Media Campaign by the Maryland Tourism Council for its drive to become America’s Coolest Small Town. The Berlin’s Coolest Small Town win was also highlighted in the Visit Maryland Award given by the Maryland Office of Tourism to Worcester County Department of Tourism Director Lisa Challenger. The Visit Maryland Award is granted to individuals and businesses that elevate Maryland’s image as a tourism destination.

“Our partnerships continue to keep us cool,” said Mayor Gee Williams. “We could not have won these awards without the support of the Worcester County Office of Tourism, especially Director Lisa Challenger. She nominated us for the Budget Travel contest. She was the catalyst,” he added.

In addition, Berlin figured prominently in the Best Product or Event Award given to the Horses at the Beach, a horse history trail designed to preserve Maryland’s equine history. Spearheaded by Angela Reynolds, Managing Director at Hotels at Fager’s Island, and a volunteer on the Department of Agriculture’s Horse Industry Board’s Horse History Committee, Horses at the Beach is the first horse history trail in the state, with several locations in Berlin.

“Congratulations to Lisa and Angela on a job well done,” said Mayor Williams. “I am proud of the work they’ve done to enhance the economy of our community. They are helping co-create an even brighter future,” he added.



Anonymous said...

Gee really has everyone fooled here. Yes, it is great to get awards, but we have high electric bill, high water and sewer bills, pay for the rain to fall with another rain tax. New vehicles being bought for everyone to take home--one is driven all the way to Delmar, DE (out of state) everyday. Now we are going to pay for a skate park and a train station yet the police and fire departments continue to do without. Had someone tell me the other day the town was asking for money for the Christmas parade...more wasted money. I am glad to hear the business people are working to provide funding to a new Mayoral candidate for the next election. Just read on here the other day now Salisbury folks get to pay for the rain since Gee put the idea in Ireton's head.

Anonymous said...

A successful downtown is always the key.Any truly great town has a successful downtown.

Anonymous said...

and a suceessful downtown comes from the privat sector not the Town

Anonymous said...

And, most of the private sector are old rich white folks. Pay them taxes. Pay hem taxes.

Anonymous said...

The one thing that impresses me the most about Berlin is the fact that just 10 short years ago the town was so drug-ridden that nearby locals would never even think about going there at night.
Now we recommend and send our friends and families to Berlin to enjoy a safe, vibrant town.
Whatever arguments or problems one may have with the administration, you certainly have to give them a lot of credit for an amazing recovery and turnaround.
(Are you listening Salisbury?)

Anonymous said...

Wrong geographics 2:24.Too many external factors on 13 north and south and 50 east and west.Big retail and restaurant diversity away from downtown pulled the life out of any possible recovery.Berlin only has a fraction of the retail Salisbury has,enabling it's downtown to prosper.

Anonymous said...

Sounds a bit defeatist to me. I would like to think it could be done here.