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Monday, November 24, 2014

A Letter To The Editor: Today's Daily Times Edition - Front Page shows Conway/ Anderton, Mathias/ McDermott

Hi Joe

On this mornings edition of The Daily Times it profiles the campaign expenses of the incumbents, Norman Conway and Jim Mathias. It shows a full front page display - of the disparity in spending by the incumbents over their rival Republicans.

IMHO - The Daily Times missed the mark!! They continue to discount the effectiveness of SBYnews - as it was SBYnews that took the campaign fight to the public forefront.

Just yesterday - I was in a Salisbury manufacturer's office and the secretary was reading SBYnews on the office computer. She looked at me and said;

'You know what I think helped to swing the November 4th election - I truly believed that there are a lot more people reading SBYnews than you could possibly imagine and now you are seeing the results.'


Anonymous said...

I agree with office secretary.
I thank GOD everyday for Sbynews!!

The reporting is spectacular.

Anonymous said...

Before Salisbury News came on the scene - most of truly pertinent news would have been swept under the rug. And then along comes Salisbury News. Thanks to you and all of your reporting staff. Our family is eternally grateful.

Anonymous said...

It's funny - when one shines a light on a dark cast of characters - how things become crystal clear.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Joe! great letter.

Anonymous said...

Great job - Sbynews!! You truly are the FOX of the eastern shore, only better.

Anonymous said...

I agree wholeheartedly! I thank you every day for what you do to shine the light where it never shone before!