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Thursday, September 11, 2014

Think Tank: Obamacare Destroys Small-Business Jobs, Lowers Pay

While Obamacare was implemented to help the little guy, that hasn't been the case, according to a study from the American Action Forum, a center-right think tank.

The report found that the Affordable Care Act is cutting small-business workers' pay by at least $22.6 billion a year. And it calculates that Obamacare has eliminated 350,000 jobs. The study defines a small business as one that employs 20 to 99 workers.

"The relationship between rising premiums and lower pay was already well known in academic literature," the report states. "Our research simply measured how the ACA has affected the relationship between health-insurance premiums, small-business wages, and employment."



Anonymous said...

i hope they're not just figuring this out. duh...

Anonymous said...

1:17 - even if it did take them this long, it shows that they can be educated...even if it is at a slower rate!