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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Task Force Gear

Yesterday I published my opinion about the Sheriff's Office using military combat gear. While I highly doubt anyone will change my mind referencing the new military vehicle they recently obtained, I will say that when it comes to the "Task Force" serving warrants on high risk criminals, the gear that they wear is quite necessary.

Not long ago, (if you'll recall) a Sheriff's Deputy was shot in Cambridge attempting to serve a warrant to one of these hard criminals. 

While it is rare, there have been situations in which shields and protective gear were absolutely necessary as a suspect had a high powered rifle with ammo that went right through homes in the neighborhood and was targeting Police Officers.

That being said, it is very rare but somehow law enforcement believes this vehicle is a necessity. Look, I may not agree with them and that is my right. It reminds me a LOT of the Salisbury Fire Department purchasing a Fire Boat and using every excuse in the world to sell the public on just why they so desperately needed it. 

When the government is handing out Homeland Security money like free candy in a candy store, our REPUBLICAN and CONSERVATIVE leaders and elected officials need to be more fiscally responsible with our money. The Delmar Police Department have also abused the heck out of this equipment receiving tractor trailers, massive Army tents, several Humvee's and all sorts of other toys they DO NOT NEED.  

Like the SFD, the WCSO wants to impress how this is not costing the local taxpayers. It's a liberal move and in my opinion an insult. Of course it's costing the local taxpayers as we too participate in paying taxes on a federal level. Those federal taxes are what paid for the equipment to start with. 

Then we hear, the rest of the expenses on the vehicle will be paid for with drug money. Great, then let's place speed cameras in front of ALL the Schools and raid the local taxpayers for ALL of the toys LE wants and needs and NOT send ALL of that money to relieve the taxpayers "FOR THE CHILDREN". 

I'll add one last thing. Some time ago the Daily Times did an article that exposed the overtime pay at the WCSO. Quite frankly I was very disturbed, (and you should be too) that a LOT of that overtime money was actually reimbursed by the FEDS. I did not know that FACT until recently and that is extremely important, to me, anyway. 

The Daily Times was well aware of this FACT, yet they did NOT publish the TRUTH. Could it be the same when it comes to Worcester County? I'll say, WBOC did NOT share this important piece of information either and seemed to simply ride the shirt tails of the original Daily Times article. 

Reporting from our local Main Stream Media seems to be more towards telling you what THEY want you to hear, not the facts and truth. It's Blogs like this one, (and others) that call them out. As we say, "YOU'VE BEEN BLOGGED"


Anonymous said...

There may come a time in my life I'll need a hospital bed but I'm not rushing out to buy one!

Anonymous said...

Joe , as we have been.seeing with Ferguson mo,the police needthis military gear when thugs are shooting at you from behind walls like the cowards they are

Anonymous said...

1:31 the next time you need a democrat.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I think Mike Lewis got scared when that black guy ran over the police car with the pick-up truck! There was also gunfire exchanged at that time.

Anonymous said...

I'm not aware of anything on earth that doesn't require maintenance nor am I aware of any maintenance that is FREE. It is one thing to have a budget surplus that can fund the upkeep of a boat (or tank) but it's another thing if you don't. New taxes are necessary to keep these new toys in a serviceable condition.

Anonymous said...

3:29 Check ebay for "Magic politician dust". Sprinkle a small amount over anything, and it's free, and a RIGHT that you get it free!

Oh look, a unicorn!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
Joe , as we have been.seeing with Ferguson mo,the police needthis military gear when thugs are shooting at you from behind walls like the cowards they are

August 20, 2014 at 1:35 PM

Ferguson did not, and does not need that military equipment for the protests there. Them just wearing that crap made the situation worse.

All that gear would be better utilized at our southern border, where there is A REAL NEED for it.

You have these Barney Fife's in Ferg. wearing better protection than our military in the Middle East, and you want to talk about the protesters being cowards?

Anonymous said...

If the liberal Democrats in the judicial system would do their JOBS cops wouldn't need this type of equipment! On top of that, cops refuse to enforce the law except going after non violent offenders for money in fines!
It serves cops right for supporting liberals!
Now, cut their budgets and remove all the militaria from departments across the nation.

Anonymous said...

6:26 They have to go after drug users and dealers that's how they get the money to pay for their toys.