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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

BREAKING NEWS: Texas Gov. Perry pleads not guilty

Texas Gov. Rick Perry enters 'not guilty' plea after being indicted for alleged abuse of power in connection with a controversial veto threat.

From Fox News


Anonymous said...

Guilty of standing up to the communist dictator. Same exact tactic used by Putin against his political enemies. This is why most of the congress is too timid to stand up to him. I have been waiting for the first person with gonads to step forward and thoroughly expected the results. If he does end up in jail I don't see why the elections couldn’t still go forward, after all we have a president now that was not even born in this country, why not elect a convict?

Anonymous said...

Where are the indictments for elected officials who accept public money in exchange for their vote? Tax evasion? Perjury? This is what we go after? Both partie suck, and so do their constituents, who continue to vote on party lines, regardless of the turd in front of the R, D or I.

Anonymous said...

He did this because he is plainly not guilty. Fact.

Anonymous said...

had that woman been a republican, she'd have been ousted immediately!

Anonymous said...

The DA will probably end up in prison.