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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Larry Hogan on Cleaning Up the Chesapeake Bay


Anonymous said...

Talks like he actually has a spine and a set of 'nads.

Still only about a gozillion times better then the Dumbocrats currently ru(i)nning the state!

November cometh quickly so activate your brains and vote!

Do you want more taxes and fees? Do you want the money already taken for specific projects to be reallocated to 'balance' the budget - or really fix what they're intended to fix?!
Do you want lockstep with the socialist leaning federal government or growth for the actual working class people?
Do you want businesses to continue to leave Maryland or can we bring some here?

These are decisions that you will make at the voting booth in November. Think about it!

Anonymous said...

It's simple, really. Quit selling oysters, clams, and other Bay product to the polluting states until they act. We have great markets in Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, and many other states!

Of course, if you're a Dem, you will sell your soul for a dollar to anyone who has one; That's why what Larry is saying is pure hogwash campaign promise that he has no intention of keeping, and neither will MOM's boy friday...

Anonymous said...

Finally a governor for Maryland with an idea that will work and willing to work for the change. Because the current Maryland leaders are thinking that they can just fix problems with money alone and the money comes from the taxes they continue to add.

Anonymous said...

August 20, 2014 at 5:41 PM

It's not quite simple. If they stopped selling the bay animals and products to any state Maryland will lose it's foot hold on the seafood market and not to mention Maryland just can't afford it. Virginia also has access to the bay and They'll sell it. The only thing that will cause is the higher prices to the polluting states as other states that get the product imported can resell and states that has access will capitalize on it more. Also most exports are from big companies you don't expect them to do thing that stops making them money.

Anonymous said...

DUH, 8:25. Boy are you as stupid as a box of hammers. TWO states hold the Bay waters. TWO states are ALLOWED to speak with each other and plan together. TWO states could actually agree that there is a giant f-ing plume of crab and oyster killing silt... oh, why waste my typing on a box of hammers.

"Never engage in a battle of wits with an unarmed person".

Anonymous said...

August 20, 2014 at 8:54 PM

Your calling me dumb you have no idea about economics do you. I don't know what you been smoking but think before you say or in this case type. Two states may hold the bay but the crabs and other seafood are exported by companies. And basic economics will tell you that a business will never do anything that will make them lose profit. Have you not seen why companies moved the factories to China. It's because it's cheaper to make there. It's so enjoyable that people think they know what there talking about while they don't.

Anonymous said...

Even if you believe that all the problems in Chesapeake Bay are caused by sediemtn - not nutrients, not Oyster parasites liek MSX and Dermo, not heavy metals and hydrocarbons and pesticides in urban runoff - JUST sediment, the Web page for the Clean Chesapeak Alliance tries to make its case by noting the big sediment plume from hurricane Lee in which 21% of that sediment came from the Susquehanna. If you really believe sediemnt is the only problem to address to save the bay, what about the other 79%?