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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Choom Gang Reunites on Golf Course for Obama's Birthday

In the 1970s, Barry Obama would shout "Interception!" to them as he took a hit off a joint out of turn. This weekend, he shouts "fore!" with the reunited members of the Choom Gang.

The president spends his birthday weekend like so many other weekends of his presidency: playing golf. Mike Ramos, Bobby Titcomb, and Greg Orme--friends from Obama's high school daze in Hawaii--joined the president for a round on the links at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Saturday morning. The foursome, according to the Associated Press, teed off with another eight players.

The president turns 53 on Monday.

As Israel exchanges fire with Hamas, a crisis continues to envelope the southern border, and the House of Representatives votes to sue the president for overreach, golf outings increasingly wear thin on the public even if they reinvigorate the president. A websitededicated to documenting presidential rounds of golf marks Obama's count as approaching 200. But Obama hardly stands alone among the other leaders to occupy the White House in finding a respite from the demands of office on the fairways.



Anonymous said...

Tip the DEA and local vice police.

Anonymous said...

I guess it was ok back then to hang out with his white friends until he met his racist Wife moochella.

Anonymous said...

He is white. Stoopid. He just has black skin

Anonymous said...

He is half white, you know.