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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Comment Worthy Of A Post 8-26-14

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "12 People Applied To Fill Empty Council Position":

A list of people who are otherwise unelectable or have been cuddling up to those overseeing the demise of the city for years. Seth Mitchell, Jack Heath, and Muir Bodacious haven't been elected because the city voters don't want them. Don Catchcart has proven himself to be a disrespectful mouthpiece for Barrie Tilghman and his past council member wife. If I remember correctly, Hughes was the partner of Mike Dunn's father in a business deal that resulted in financial favors from the city and if not still, payments were delinquent for a long time. Nathan Long is a local attorney who wanted to be city attorney.
I don't think I know Sarah, Therese , Millicent, or Kevin. I do think that I recall Tom having a decent record of public service if he lives somewhere in Clairmont. Chad is a nice enough guy and has done great work to bring back a very dilapidated home.
Joe, if it's possible to publish copies of the applications, please do. While the council picks, to have some transparency around qualifications and backgrounds would increase transparency and accountability.

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Anonymous said...

What? You don't mean Josh Hastings didn't apply for that position? If not that was a big mistake on his part.