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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Local, State Democrats Go Rogue

In scattered state capitals and city halls around the country, a new group of elected officials is telling the federal government to take a hike: Up-and-coming Democrats.

Challenging federal power in sometimes-theatrical ways has been a hallmark of Republican politicians — particularly among the GOP’s more colorful governors — since President Barack Obama took office. But now, with Washington, D.C., in a state of permanent chaos and a host of liberal policy priorities frozen in place, leaders in Obama’s party are starting to stir up trouble of their own.

They’re defying the feds chiefly on social policy, with immigration and drug enforcement the key flash points of 2014.

Democratic mayors in cities such as Los Angeles and Philadelphia, as well as governors, including Maryland’s Martin O’Malley, have recently announced they will no longer cooperate with certain detainment requests from immigration authorities in Washington. Other heavily blue states and cities, including Chicago and New York state, endorsed similar policies in previous years.



Anonymous said...

Play actors pumping for votes is all. They are LYING!.

When are you guys going to get that?

Anonymous said...

Libtarded moron grope fest...omally the king of it know the do you tell a politican is lying...

Anonymous said...

Note- they are only doing this when it is politically expedient. They absolutely do not disagree with Obama or his ridiculous, job killing policies. They are lying to the voters to get elected!

Anonymous said...

O'Malley is a liar!

Anonymous said...