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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Eric Holder, Racial Profiler

The investigation of Darren Wilson is solely based on his race.

Why has a federal civil-rights murder investigation arisen out of the tumult in a St. Louis exurb? There is only one plausible reason: Eric Holder is guilty of racial profiling.

To be clear, we are not talking here about whether there was justification for the shooting of a young black man, 18-year-old Michael Brown, by a young white police officer, 28-year-old Darren Wilson. Was the shooting a legitimate exercise in self-defense by an officer under attack? Was it an overreaction for which Officer Wilson should suffer serious civil and criminal consequences? Such questions can only be answered by a thorough and fair investigation, the kind of due process owed to both the victim and the subject of the investigation — the kind that, as National Review’s editors point out, will be tough to mete out with political thumbs pressing on the scales.

Whatever the outcome, though, murder — including homicide caused by a policeman’s application of excessive force — is generally not a federal crime. It is a concern of state law. Only a few categories of murder are within the jurisdiction of federal investigators. In the main, they are far afield from Ferguson: the assassination of a U.S. government official, for instance, or a killing incidental to offenses that have interstate or international repercussions — racketeering, drug-trafficking, and terrorism.



Anonymous said...

The DOJ has no business there. Holder and Obama are the biggest racist in the world. If the boy was white and the cop black there would be no media frenzy or no one else from Washington going there for funeral or otherwise.

Anonymous said...

What about a federal investigation into the illegal trading of terrorist for an army deserter??!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, c'mon....Holder is investigating that black cop that shot the unarmed white guy in Utah...oh wait a minute--NO HE IS NOT. And how about the 6 or so people that lost their lives this past weekend, and the 40 some people that were shot in Chicago this past weekend...can you name any of the victims? Of course not, because it is black on black crime. It does not fit their agenda.