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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sidewalk Memorial Honors New Jersey Cop Killer

JERSEY CITY, N.J. (AP) -- A day after a rookie police officer was gunned down in an ambush, mourners came to pay their respects at a makeshift memorial with candles, balloons, empty liquor bottles and messages of love from friends scrawled on T-shirts taped to a brick wall.

Instead of honoring the officer, the memorial was for his killer. "Rest easy," ''Thug in peace" and "See u on the other side" friends wrote about Lawrence Campbell, who police say ambushed Officer Melvin Santiago early Sunday as he responded to an armed robbery call at a 24/7 pharmacy. Officers returned fire, killing Campbell.

Visitors to the memorial would not give their names to The Associated Press. But Barbara Jones, Campbell's neighbor, told The Jersey Journey that the Campbell she knew was nothing like the man city officials say was lying in wait for officers to arrive before opening fire.



Anonymous said...

Why should the black community mourn the murder of a police officer? The black community, out of all demographics, knows first hand that the police dehumanize them at every opportunity. Why should they care the police don't mourn the lives they ruin on a daily basis, at least not publicly.

If you were expecting a different response from the black community then you are not paying attention. This is their mentality and they come by it honestly via government handouts.

If you want to stop these types of crime give them more free $hit. It will stop for a while...

See it for what it is. This is but a taste of what we will be facing when social programs run out of money. I don't like it but its reality.

Anonymous said...

You have to wonder why they wouldn't give their names.

Anonymous said...

2:36 is right, they just want more and more freebies, they won't go out and work, they just have their hands out!
With all the crack babies, and daddy-less families, this is what you get in the ghetto.

Ben in Salisbury said...

Arrest and prosecute anyone leaving anything for littering that can open up some warrants to start cleaning house.
I have no tolerance at all for crap like that

Anonymous said...

This is unfortunate, but the way police act and treat people it will be a more common occurrence. Not saying it's right. Police need to have more respect for the people they supposedly serve.

Anonymous said...

12:01 AM

Sadly you are correct. It has only begun.