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Monday, July 14, 2014

New Legion baseball rule ‘rescinded’

The new rule for American Legion baseball that was set to begin in 2015 to not allow 19 year old players, who are attending college, to play has now been scrapped.

American Legion state officials informed coaches of all 16 teams in District V on Thursday via email that the incoming rule has now been “rescinded.”

No explanation was given in the email on why the ruling has been scrapped, according to Smith Post head coach Tony Abone Jr.

“We just got an email today saying that the rule of the 19-year-old or college freshman not being able to play is being rescinded,” he said.

“Obviously with four of our players we have now, they get to come back next year and play. I was surprised to get it and read it today. I don’t know all of the particulars about it but they sent it out to tell our coaches and players about it. I’m sure at the (District V Tournament seeding) meeting in two weeks we’ll find out more about it.”


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Anonymous said...

Do we even have American Legion baseball around here any more? I played in Pocomoke in 1978, but that field is gone now.