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Monday, July 14, 2014

250 Christian Girls Kidnapped By Muslims, Raped And Executed. Where’s Their Hashtag?

While the “bring back our girls” fire concerning the 250 Nigerian girls kidnapped by Muslim insurgents is quickly dying, another 250 Christian girls were abducted in villages near Chibok.

If you’re wondering why this wasn’t covered by the Mainstream Media, it was probably busy attacking Hobby Lobby for not supplying women with abortion pills.



Anonymous said...

This is absolutely insane. Where is the world's outrage on this? Come to think of it, where the HELL are the 500 FAMILIES of these girls. I don't remember seeing even ONE on any news report!
Remember the missing airliner? We had families screaming to the press every day for weeks on end. For these 500 girls - nothing.
God knows that our government has done all it possibly can... our First Lady holding up that idiotic sign and all.
Maybe she needs a bigger freakin' sign.

Anonymous said...

Obama should be proud.