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Monday, July 21, 2014

Monsanto Hides Toxicity Test Results on RoundUp, Calling them ‘Commercial’ Secret

Talking about Monsanto’s latest attempt to obstruct justice, halt transparency, and prevent people from stopping their seed and herbicide businesses from spreading is starting to seem redundant, but the company just keeps acting in increasingly objectionable ways. Now, the company is refusing to release to the public lab tests conducted in St. Louis, Missouri, which gave them authority to use glyphosate in China.

Just months ago, Chinese food safety volunteers tendered a request to China’s Ministry of Agriculture to release the study that justified issuing the safety certificate for the import into China of Monsanto’s glyphosate-based herbicide RoundUp. Glyphosate was given a safety certificate in 1988 after studies submitted by Monsanto were conducted at Younger Laboratories in St. Louis Missouri.

The test was meant to be an acute exposure toxicity test in which rats were given RoundUp by mouth for several days, and rabbits were exposed to RoundUp by skin. The company claims that the herbicide had no effect on the eyes or the skin, and that no allergies ensued. However, they are refusing to release the lab report to China’s food safety volunteers, stating that it is an ‘industry secret.’



Anonymous said...

Round up is a primary cause of lymphoma in pets.

Anonymous said...

Herbicides causes neurological problems in waterfowl. I've seen this myself. They get it from eating the grass round a field that's been sprayed. I've seen this myself. You can usually get them to recover if they will continue to eat and drink.

Anonymous said...

The food supply is the cause of all kinds of cancers and other diseases. The problem is the politicians lack the backbone to take on the deep pocketed Big Food. They pretend they are concerned by throwing money at cancer treatment research, but when it comes to preventing cancer they do nothing. The democrats are especially guilty of this. They would rather see their own children/spouse/parents die than ruffle the feathers of Big Food.

Anonymous said...

I was told by someone pretty high up in the food industry who said ship loads of corn and beef and chicken are sitting rotting in ships in china as China says the food has too many antibiotics etc so therefore be prepared for $6 a pound and hope you don't like beef unless you are a ceo like napella you won't be able to feed your family! Guess we need to change the neighborhood regs and let us have our own cows and chickens!

Anonymous said...

Lol no truth to that 11:23 but hey thanx for the silly post

Anonymous said...

5:56, 11:23 comment is not silly at all. Educate yourself. It would be of great benefit to you. China had indeed cut back on corn and other exports from the US due to GMO concerns. Since late last year they have refused shipment after shipment of these exports from the US.
It's been reported in the Wall Street Journal as well as AgriBusiness periodicals and other media outlets that report the commodities.
US beef has been banned in China for a while now and the hope is export will resume some time later this year.