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Monday, July 21, 2014

Sarah Palin: Barack Obama Is Like A “Mob Boss” Who’s Trying To “Play God”

Over the weekend Sarah Palin spoke in Denver, Colorado at the Western Conservative Summit where she once again called for the impeachment of President Obama. During her speech she condemned the administration’s response to the overflowing of illegal immigrants pouring over the southern border and accused the president of ‘dereliction of duty’ and ‘violating his oath of office.’

‘If that’s not impeachable, then nothing is,’ she said to generous applause. ‘And if he’s not impeachable, no one is.’

She continued,

‘No serious person can deny that team Obama has abused and violated the public trust and the Constitution,’



Anonymous said...

And obviously a lot better protected than any of us can imagine.

Anonymous said...

There's only two words that is keeping Congress from impeaching Obama.., Joe Biden.

Anonymous said...

Many mob bosses have been picked off.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
There's only two words that is keeping Congress from impeaching Obama.., Joe Biden.

July 22, 2014 at 1:13 AM

You are an idiot. Ignorant people like you that think Obama would be a better president than Joe Biden is an ignorant ass traitor.

I didn't hear you same people saying that when he was governor of Delaware.

Obama is a traitor to this country and needs to go. I take that back Obama isn't even a citizen to this country, but at least Biden is.

The only reason stopping Congress is the fact that they are spineless.

Anonymous said...

Sara Palin is nothing more than a pathetic caricature and attention seeker. Won't be long before she poses for Playboy for another 15 minutes of fame.

Anonymous said...

8:18 better than pelosi, mikulski, jarrett, clinton etc. and by the way i mean more intelligent

Anonymous said...

Impeachment should have happened long ago.

Anonymous said...

8:18 you will be the first one to buy Palins Playboy issue.

Anonymous said...

to 6:44 am

The lovely & talented Joe Biden was never governor of Delaware. He did collect paychecks for an extended period of time as one of Delaware's US Senators.

Anonymous said...

This is Literally another blatant example of the Racist Right's tired brigade to demean the Black Man in office. They are still angry Americans didn't buy the BS fear-mongering, which was created because they are racists, bigots, and Black-hating extremists.

The Black man in office is screwing up their Lily White dominated country by giving equal rights to people of ALL races, ALL color, ALL sexual prerefences, and the racist right can't stand it.

Obama is a democratically elected President. To those who can’t admit President Obama is, in reality, a moderate Republican — let alone a native-born Christian who loves his country even though he has his faults, he is weak and ineffective.

Republicans have been calling this president a 'socialist' for the past 7 years, before he was ever president.......just as republicans have called him a 'communist, Maoist, terrorist, terrorist supporter, who hates white people, who will imminently force republicans into FEMA death camps complete with RFID chip implants, right after eliminating the 2nd amendment and confiscating all guns'.

Rational People don't associate with crazy republicans, and dismiss crazy, failed republican fear mongering.

There is no evidence that any of these is true. They are just fantasies from R's, upset that they lost the last two presidential elections.

The only disgiuse removed here is that you scumbags are racists posing a respectable Americans, when you have been nothing of the sort.

Anonymous said...

May I quote 11:23. "There is no evidence that any of these is true". I may be one of those scumbag Republicans, however, I did graduate from high school and was president of the grammar club.

Anonymous said...

11:23 your a pawn. Nothing more.
It is not racist to object to Socialism, Communism or TRUE racism like affirmative action!
Actually the term racism was coined by none other than Karl Marx.
It is obvious you are a Marxist spouting B.S. to distract from the real issues like all Democrat Socialists in America do these days. Matter of fact I'd bet you are Chuck Cook!