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Monday, July 21, 2014

Imams Rage as Christ Wins Muslim Converts

Naeem Fazal was born and raised in the deserts of Kuwait. He is the son of Pakistani parents who grounded him and his siblings in Islam.

Naeem moved to the United States after the first Gulf War, following his older brother Mahmoud, who had previously enrolled in Spartanburg Methodist College in South Carolina.

While attending the college, Mahmoud found the Lord. And on a visit to Kuwait to see his family he announced he had converted to Christianity.

Naeem was furious with his brother, cursing him for renouncing the Islamic faith they grew up with. He even went so far as threatening to kill his brother, in accordance with the Koranic punishment for infidels like Ahmed who turn away from the “religion of peace.”

There was tension between the two brothers for a period of time. Nevertheless, Naeem decided he would visit his older brother in the U.S. But, though Mahmoud tried to share the Gospel with his younger brother, Naeem remained unreceptive.

Then an amazing thing happened, Pastor Naeem recounted, in a recent appearance at a Southern California church: He had a supernatural experience with the Lord that changed his life, much as Saul of Tarsus had a life-changing encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus.


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