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Friday, July 25, 2014

McDonald's Stands by Rotten Meat Supplier

McDonald's is standing by a troubled supplier, even after allegations the company processed tainted and expired meat in China.

Chinese authorities this week suspended operations at a Shanghai Husi food plant, a subsidiary of Illinois-based OSI Group. The government intervened after a Chinese broadcaster aired footage of workers using their bare hands at a Husi factory to process expired meat, and even food that had fallen on the floor.



Anonymous said...

I had a texas bbq sandwich at hardees last night. Delicious. Never been a big McD's fan

Anonymous said...

Not a fan of McDonald's so if they lose their business, I won't be missing anything!

Anonymous said...

All processed fast food is killing everyone. We are eating chemicals and tainted meats filled with hormones which are causing cancers and other toxic conditions.

Anonymous said...

OSI is the owner of Amick Farms, headquartered in Batesburg, South Carolina with operations here on the shore at Hurlock, MD and Delmar, DE part of the original Allen's facilities.

Anonymous said...

4:50 gets it. All these chemicals that we are told are harmless when consumed enter the bloodstreams and wreak havoc on internal including the liver and the pancreas.
They are linked to nervous system disorders also.
Colon, breast, prostate and pancreatic cancers are all linked to high consumption of meat/saturated fat consumption. It's not the fat itself but the toxic substances concentrated in the fat molecules.
This is how the government fools the public and how much control Big Foods has over the government. They only tell part of the story-don't eat saturated fats, but fail to tell why.