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Friday, July 25, 2014

Governor Rick Perry: Illegal Aliens in Texas Behind 3,000 Homicides & 8,000 Sexual Assaults


Anonymous said...

The date is conveniently left off of that statistic. It could be illegal aliens in Texas since it became a state who knows!

Anonymous said...

Not only Texas citizens are in jeopardy because of the criminals crossing the borders, the entire United States is in Jeopardy.

This is the main reason you as a voter can not stand by and let this happen. You as a citizen have to register to vote and then get out and vote for every good Republican that you can. Even a "bad" Republican is better than any Democrat opponent. If a Democrat is unopposed in an election then you must write in another candidate name. Even if that doesn't work do not give the unopposed Democrat a vote at all. Some of the Democrat candidates are going door to door or sending mailings and the best thing you can do is 1) Do not answer the door if you know who it is and 2) Throw any literature from a Democrat away. This includes you supposed friend Jimmy Sarbanes.

Vote Republican! In Wicomico County you must Vote Republican!

Larry Hogan

Vote Republican

Wicomico County Executive
Bob Culver

Wicomico County Council
John Cannon - at Large
Matt Holloway - at Large
Marc Kilmer - District 2
Larry Dodd - District 3
Joe Holloway - District 5

Wicomico County Circuit Court Judge
MJ Caldwell

Anonymous said...

Every Democrat and RINO that voted for Obama is to blame for these murders and sexual assaults.

That is why you can not keep voting for any Democrats.

Anonymous said...

Can't we just kill them off, this is what is being whispered but not said out loud my a number of people I have heard. We are angry and have a right to be but why can we deport them plain and simple?

Anonymous said...

to keep all these illegal children coming over the boarder it's nothing more than kidnapping.