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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Health-care Group Says 111 Md. Legislative Candidates Support A Higher Tobacco Tax

A health-care advocacy group continued a push to raise Maryland’s cigarette tax to $3 a pack next year by touting a list Wednesday of 111 legislative candidates on the fall ballot who support the idea.

Vincent DeMarco, president of the Maryland Citizens’ Health Initiative, said the numbers suggest that a majority of members in the both the House and Senate will likely be on board when lawmakers return in January.

A tax rate of $3 a pack would be among the highest in the nation. Maryland last increased its tobacco tax in 2007, when lawmakers voted to double it to $2 a pack.



Anonymous said...

Can we tax the smoke that blows out of Owemalley's %&*!?

Anonymous said...

Maryland Politicians support a tax increase-major surprise there!!!

Anonymous said...

As most maryland prepare to move out..since i feel its taxation without fiscal conservative libertrain views are squashed....this state is turning into a welfare state snd this working stiff back has enough of a load already....good thing I work in Virgina where I do buy my cigarettes

Anonymous said...

Hhhelping to support our neighbors in Delaware & Virginia one pack at a time.

Anonymous said...

I purchase a sleeve of cherry skoal from a store in Del. once a week oh I fill up with fuel too. If you put a little thought into it we can bleed our own state back to the good side. At some point the idiots in annapolis will understand "we the people" will only take so much bull.