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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Dem Eleanor Holmes Norton: ‘You Don’t Have a Right to Know Everything’ Government Does

She was saying this in terms of her Congressional collegues. Anyone want to guess what she thinks the citizens should know?

(The Blaze) Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-D.C.) lectured her colleagues in the U.S. House of Representatives that they “don’t have a right to know everything in a separation-of-powers government.”

“That is the difference between a parliamentary government and a separation-of-powers government,” she said.

Her outburst came during a Friday House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing where Republicans criticized the Obama administration for defying a subpoena calling on David Simas, director of the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, to appear before Congress.



Anonymous said...

My Dear Eleanor Holmes Norton, Ignorance is NOT bliss. Your ignorance is definitely showing. Why you hold your current position is beyond me, because you certainly DON'T deserve it.

Perhaps if you took time to educate yourself on the founding of this great nation. It would do a world of good.

Anonymous said...

She should be the poster child for failed affirmative action.
Separation of powers is not a form of government. It's a model/principle within a form of government.
It doesn't nor has it ever addressed any "right to know." It's purpose is designed to enforce checks and balances, not obfuscate it.

Anonymous said...

People like this are why DC should never become a state. She could be DCs Senator instead of Representative.
People if it ever comes to a vote for DC to become a state you must rise up and revolt.

Anonymous said...

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the separation of powers government for which it stands…..

Wow I never knew we were a separation of powers form of government-LOL. Where in the heck do these liberals come up with this crapola.

Anonymous said...

Did Norton forget BO's promise for transparency ?
I’m still waiting for BO to crank up the C-SPAN site so I can read the
bills 5 Days before he signs them.. Going on 6 YEARS, I’m still waiting…
and NO legislation done behind closed doors.. BO wouldn’t LIE, now would he ?

Anonymous said...

She is a useless appendage. She is elected by DC but has no vote on the floor since she is not an actual representative.

Anonymous said...

how much is this ahole being paid by us?