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Friday, June 13, 2014

What's The Truth?

The Defense Department's top lawyer has been drawn into the controversy over Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. Chief Counsel Stephen Preston tells the House Armed Services Committee, the exchange of Bergdahl for five Taliban leaders is part of a long tradition. Preston acknowledges it's not state versus state warfare because the Taliban isn't a country. But, he says, the United States and the Taliban had detained combatants held by opposing forces. He says it wasn't necessary to classify detainees as prisoners of war to make them eligible for an exchange. Last week's switch-off left members of Congress from both parties upset with the exchange and that the administration didn't notify them in advance.


Anonymous said...

You can't handle the truth!

Anonymous said...

Notify Congress in advance?? They can't even agree on what day it is without 250 committee meetings and an amendment to the Constitution. Further, with all the partisan BS in Congress, does anyone really believe any of the distinguished Senators or Congressmen could actually keep a secret. There would be more leaks than the Titanic. No, the President did exactly the right thing and brought our POW home safely. Nuff said.

Anonymous said...

10:17 The man left his post. That makes him a deserter. Nuff Said!

Anonymous said...

This "POW" probably planned the whole thing. Be prepared for more attacks on the US, 10:17. Makes perfect sense to release FIVE terrorists for ONE deserter, who will probably just help the terrorists carry out their plots of destruction. This was just Obama's way of strutting his stuff, and extending his power, thus giving America the middle finger and saying he'll do whatever he damn well pleases. Welcome to the dictator who will destroy the country for the next 2years.

Anonymous said...

Please, please 10:30, share all of the facts you seem to have about the circumstances of Sgt. Bergdahl's desertion and captivity. One an only assume you and only you have made a full accounting of such events with your eagerness to arrest, trial and conviction of an American Soldier.

Anonymous said...

We did a prisoner exchange to get McCain back, but he conveniently leaves that out.

Anonymous said...

"the President did exactly the right thing and brought our POW home safely. Nuff"

No he did not! If in FACT he had done the right thing, Bergdahl and his family would not have been subjected to and continue to be subjected to the mockery and ridicule that is being thrown their way. There is a correct professional way to do things and then there is obama's way, which in plain English is half assed and amateurish. obama used Berdahl and his family in an attempt to score points for himself and it backfired. We shouldn't be blaming Bergdahl but obama who could and would screw up a 2 car funeral if given the chance.
As much as I dislike what Bergdahl did and I believe he would have been a better candidate for the Peace Corps, obama isn't worthy to lick dog crap off the shoes of Bergdahl nor his family. obama's the disgrace and the deserter. He's deserted each and every principle that made this country the greatest and turning it into a third world mess.

Anonymous said...

Nuff said.. BS - the man walked off the post and left his brothers. Regardless of the reasons he is a deserter. From what his brothers say he is likely a traitor as well. He should stand trial for desertion and if evidence is strong enough as a traitor. King Barry should also be tried as a war criminal for aiding and embedding the enemy. Releasing the 5 terrorist have put the entire nation of America at risk. He should be impeached. As for McCain, I think he is an idiot and I can not stand him, but he was offered an early release but turned it down until his brothers were released.. a very honorable thing to do. Nuff Said.

Anonymous said...

Bergdahl clearly appears to have deserted. And his actions were premeditated.

I do not recall any other POWs from our forces in Iraq or Afghanistan; willing to stand corrected.

I assume our forces were taught to expect torture and death if captured.

If that is the case, Bergdahl was the only one captured in both theaters, and the circumstances are completely his responsibility.

(There was the early conflict capture and prompt rescue in Iraq of a supply convoy).

To maintain discipline and morale he needs to be tried. Info so far doesn't leave him much wiggle room , if they follow the book.