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Friday, June 13, 2014

Budget Doubles Berlin Fire Company Funding Support

BERLIN — Funding from the town of Berlin to the Berlin Fire Company (BFC) will double in the next budget year, from $200,000 to $400,000, though still short of the original funding that was severed in 2012.

The Berlin Mayor and Council indicated during their budgeting process this spring that they intended to up the amount of funding being granted to the BFC but were waiting on the results of an audit of the company and to sit down with its leadership. At Monday’s meeting, a motion was made to grant the BFC $400,000 split between two funds.

“As a result of those meetings, the Mayor and Council have added $250,000 in operating funds for fire and ambulance services,” said Mayor Gee Williams, “and an additional $150,000 to be held in reserves for the Berlin Fire Company for the purchase of firefighting vehicles and ambulances. The total allocation for the Berlin Fire Company for FY15 is $400,000 and represents the largest budget allocation in the town’s general fund to any one entity or service.”



Anonymous said...

Mayor Williams should look closer at his budget before he makes these remarks geared toward bashing the fire company. The police department is funded from the general fund and has a much larger budget than $400,000. Since he hates the fire company so much, he should propose a town run fire and ambulance department and see how much that costs the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Don't cave in to those butt hole volunteer firemen from Berlin.