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Saturday, June 28, 2014

Suspended Official’s Return To City Hall Causes Unrest

Mum’s the word – at least officially – at City Hall this week after the return of a city official who had been suspended for drinking on the job.

Those involved with the issue on the city’s side would only say that it was a “personnel matter,” with the official in question saying they “want to leave this behind and move forward.”

The city does not typically disclose individual personnel decisions.

However, this particular incident stands to have wider implications, given that it has exacerbated the already tense relationship between the city and the Ocean City Brewing Company, and raised the issue of favoritism in City Hall.



Anonymous said...

Not only was he drinking on the job and admitted it, but he drove a city vehicle under the influence!

Anonymous said...

The good ole boy network is alive and well in Worcester County...They will cover for the drunk and he will keep on doing what he has always done